Manufacturing, Assembly & Testing

Our Factory Building is divided into three main activities.Component Manufacturing, Final Product Assembly & Controlled testing
Each activity has their assigned ergonomically designed stations, each serving to add quality and value to the end product. 

Each performing the following functions:

  • Indepth understanding and years of experience in choosing the right material for the product and its manufacturing process; resulting in the best quality of brass, aluminium, stainless steel, rubbers & plastics
  • In fully accordance to the constantly improved 
    pressure / gravity / sand casting designs
  • In fully accordance to the constantly improved forging designs
  • Allotted space for Prototype Sample Manufacturing
  • Manual Machining technique performed by skilled labour for highest quality


  • Is followed strictly by our assembly procedures > Assembly of base components of filters, regulators, lubricators, valves, cylinders, pumps, booster pump systems etc
  • Manual cleaning of sensitive components of products
  • Entire product cleaning, chemical treating, painting/powder coating and final finishing of product
  • Final Assembly


  • Is followed strictly by our testing procedures
  • Test Stations equipped for 12 - 40 kg/cm2 pneumatic tests
  • Test Stations equipped for 100 - 600 kg/cm2 hydro-pressure tests
  • 100% testing of all products
  • Alignment and functional tests
  • Environmental testing of products
  • Special purpose test bench for solenoid valve test
  • Specific tests like, Filterablity tests, pressure regulation test, pressure drop test, flow test, ampere consumption test, variable voltage/ampere test, etc

Our Manufacturing, assembly & testing go hand in hand with our quality control department. All the activities are followed by raw material inspection & testing, inprocess inspection & testing, and final product inspection & testing.

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