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Compressed air / gas continues to be a significant Power Source for modern industrial use. However, without proper treatment, compressed air contain oil, water, dirt, dust; alone or in combination, which are enemies causing reduction in the efficiency of the compressed air / gas system. This, in turn increases operating expenses and jeopardize product quality.

Unfiltered air leads to :

  • plugging orifices of sensitive pneumatic instruments
  • seals wearout
  • system components getting eroded
  • reduction in the efficiency of air operated tools

This causes

  • loss of production hours
  • damage to the finished products
  • ever rising production costs

Effective Filtration is the best defence against oil/dirt - the fact which is often overlooked, until the problem arises.

"ProAir - Industrial Division" manufactures compressed air / gas treatment products to help you in getting quality compressed air / gas economically.


  • Bulk liquid & coarse filtration up to 25 micron for non critical air/ gas application.
  • Bulk liquid & medium filtration up to 5 micron.
  • Fine Filtration for general purpose protection of compressed air/ gas
    * Pneumatics
    * Low cost automation
    * Pre-filtration for ref. dryer
    * Pre-filtration for High efficiency Filters
    * Pre-filtration for Air sterilization 
  • High efficiency sub micron filtration
    * Oil free air
    * Air logics
    * Fine Pneumatic Tools
    * Instrumentation
    * Spray Painting
    * Air Gauging/ Motors
  • High efficiency sub micron filtration and odour free air.
    * Advanced pneumatics
    * Air blast circuit breaker
    * Decompression chambers
    * Food stuffs production/ packaging
    * Dairies production/ packaging
    * Breweries production/ packaging
    * Breathing Air (NO CO, CO2)
    * Blow moulding of plastics
    * Film Processing.
ProAir - Industrial
Water Separator

MODEL - WX For Compressed Air/Gas Systems
Sizes: 6 mm to 75 mm (G1/4" to G3")
Features :

  • High Efficiency - Up to 99%
  • Die cast range upto G3
  • Fabricated Housing Range
  • Least Pressure drop (25 mbar - 65 mbar)
  • Least possible maintenance

Liquid droplets are forced out of the air stream as the air is caused to spin or change direction. Seperators remove heavy liquid loads and are effective on larger water droplets. they are however, not effective on sub-micronic oil aerosols.

Typical application include water seperating down stream of after coolers and air receivers.

Spec Sheet (PDF)  
High Efficiency Oil Removal Filter

MODEL - XF / XO / XA / XCS For Compressed Air/Gas Systems
Sizes: 3 mm to 300 mm (G1/8" to G3" N above Flange conn)

Features :

  • High Efficiency
  • Die cast range up to G3
  • Fabricated Housing Range up to 300 DN
  • Least Pressure Drop
  • Least possible maintenance
Spec Sheet (PDF)  
High Pressure Filters

MODEL - HP SERIES For Compressed Air/Gas Systems
Sizes: 3 mm to 50 mm (G1/8" to G2")

  • Pressure upto 50 / 350kg/cm2g
  • MOC - Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
  • Suitable for Nitrogen / Helium / Argon / CNG


  • PET Bottle Moulding Machines
  • CNG / Petrol Station suction / Discharge filters
  • Air Blast circuit breakers
  • Oxygen filtration
  • Breathing air applications
  • Marine & Defense Syatems
Spec Sheet (PDF)  
Electronic Drain Valve

MODEL - EDV SERIES for Compressed Air Systems
Sizes: 3 mm to 50 mm (G1/8" to G2")

This is designed to provide a solution for the automatic draining of filter bowls., Separators, dryers, receivers, drip legs and other compressed air system components where condensate and contaminants collect. The draining interval and discharge time can be adjusted according to all requirements.
  • Fully automatic - no maintenance
  • Multi Voltage - 24-230 V AC/ 50Hz
  • One model for all applications
  • Simple to install
  • Adjustable interval times
  • Solid-state timer for long life
  • Small compact design
Spec Sheet (PDF)  
Refrigerated Air Dryers
  • Range - 5 to 18000 cfm. (air cooled)
  • Max. Standard working Pressure 15kg/cm2
  • High flow (13 cfm to 33750 cfm), High Pressure (upto 900psig), high temperature (82° C inlet temp.) dryers for PET and similar application are also available.
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The optimum combination of price and performance

Designed to fit most Original Equipment Manufacturer’s housings and utilising high efficiency filter materials, as well as superior manufacturing and construction techniques, ProAir alternative replacement filter products offer certified performance levels and improved price/value relationships, all of which will enhance the all round performance of your current compressed air system.

Tested in accordance with ISO 8573 - 1 : 1991 (e) and supplied with full certification of conformance, ProAir alternative filter elements are available in different filtration levels : 0.01,1.0, 10,25 micron and in activated carbon.

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Special Gas and Liquid Filtration
For Ammonia, Helium, Nitrogen, Natural Gas, Freon, Argon, Hydrogen, Methyl chloride.

Filters can also be manufactured in various materials for use in special gas, high temperature and corrosive environment applications.
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