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ERP, which is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning, is principally an integration of business management practizes and modern technology.

Information Technology (IT) integrates with the core business processes of a corporate house to streamline and accomplish specific business objectives.

Consequently, our ERP is an amalgamation of three most important compoments; Business Management Practices, Information Technology and Specific Business Objectives.

In Simpler words, our ERP is a massive software architecture that supports the streaming and distribution of enterprise wide information across all the functional units of a business house. It provides the business management executives with a comprehensive overview of the complete business execution which in turn influences their decisions in a productive way.

Following is a brief overview of our implemented system consists of:

  • Production - issuing work order, monitoring production, raising indent, raising requisition, reviewing BOM based production. Production integrated with Stores, Sales & QC.
  • Stores / Inventory - issuing and receiving transactions, stocking grooupwise, analysis of receipts. Stores integrated with Purchace, QC, Accounts & Production.
  • Purchase - Raising indent, raising enquiry, processing purchase order, passing bill. Purchase integrated with Accounts, Stores & QC
  • Sales - manages enquiry, quotations & post shipment documentation, processes orders. Sales integrated with Production & Marketing
  • Marketing - budgeting, planning target, advertising, business projections, travel management & reports. Marketing integrated with Sales & Accounts
  • Quality Control (QC) - inspecting incoming, inprocess & finish products, NCRS, venfor rating, certification & documentation. QC integrated with Production & Stores.
  • Human Resources Development (HRD) - recruiting, complete comprehensive payroll management, integrated with accounting leave management, loan, advances, PF, PT, ESI, etc.
  • Accounts - complete management for all transaction monitoring and controlling, financial accounting & taxation, etc.
  • After Sales Services & Complaint register to clients satisfaction.
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Our Custom-Built Software
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