ProAir Process Division

"ProAir - Process Division" manufactures high quality, high flow filter vessels suitable for various applications, e.g. Sanitary, Biotech, Brewary, Fermentation and Chemical Industry.

ProAir - Filter Housings / Filter are

  • High Flow with Low Pressure Drop
  • Interiors are elector-polished and externals are mechanically polished
  • Alternative surface finishes are available to suit applications
  • Wide range of industry standard connections
  • Customised fabrication
  • Integral Steam and Electrically heated options
  • Available in SS316L in single & multi element vessels. EPR body seals are supplied as standard
  • Viton & Silicon Selas options
  • Maximum recommended pressure for
    1. Single Cartridge - 10kg/cm2
    2. Multi Cartridge - 6kg/cm2
  • Recommended operating temperature is 142°C
  • Design generally in accordance with ASME VIII Div I

ProAir - Filter Cartridges
Full range of imported filter cartridge are available from particulate to absolute ratings depending upon your requirements/ applications

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